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No person under 18 will be admitted. Passes are available for purchase on our registration page. The ability to use the show floor as a location to either broadcast live or taped is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Working print, broadcast or web journalists will qualify for media credentials.

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To apply, please click here. We welcome dealer principals and dealership general managers, public relations and advertising agencies, automobile designers, and individuals in the automotive industry.

Additionally, professionals in the technology sector can also apply; including but not limited to developers, startups, and investors. All applications will be reviewed by show management and are subject to verification by the exhibitor being represented. To register, please click here. No, your credential is non-transferable. However, we encourage you to invite your coworker to register for AutoMobility LA here. You can get a duplicate printed on-site at any registration desk. Please see the previous FAQ regarding registration locations and hours for more information.

Please click here to begin the online registration process without a Member ID number. Your Member ID number will be emailed to you when registration opens in early summer. If you have not received this email or are experiencing any other issues with your Member ID number, please contact Experient Registration support. If you are experiencing difficulty locating or using your Member ID number, please contact Experient Registration customer support. Credentials are not valid during public show days. Credentials for individual registrants will not be mailed out in advance, and must be picked up on site at the LA Convention Center please see previous FAQs regarding locations and hours of AutoMobility LA registration desks.

If you are a part of a manufacturer or exhibitor group, please contact your group manager for specific details regarding your AutoMobility LA credentials. Each design studio and manufacturer has identified an individual responsible for credentialing all employees. Please check internally with your company.

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If you do not know who to contact, please contact Experient Registration support for the name of your internal contact. There is no Preview Party this year. We are planning other events during AutoMobility LA and LA Auto Show to benefit charitable organizations, please check back soon for further information. Please email Experient Registration support with your previous registration information. Press credentials are not valid for public days. What are the hours for this year's show? Show hours will be announced later this year. Where can I buy tickets to the show?

What are ticket prices at the door versus online? What forms of payment are accepted? Can I order tickets from my mobile device and use it to enter the show? How much are tickets and how can I purchase them? Will the LA Auto Show run out of tickets? I am not sure what day I want to come. Is there a ticket for me? Can I get a refund? No, all purchases are final and non-refundable. How do I view my ticket details after purchasing?

What premium experiences are available? Can I transfer my ticket purchase to someone else? Who do I contact with questions about my ticket purchase? What items are prohibited at the LA Auto Show? So you go there, the average stay of our guests is about three hours. And you can do so on a family-friendly environment. I want to talk about any special family activities that are going on.

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And you mentioned the internet, obviously. But the concept to me with some of the vehicles, and you see the television commercials, like hey, the app…. Tom Smith : Yeah. Tom Smith : I like that analogy. But yeah, our vehicles are, in almost all cases, the second most expensive purchase that we make in our lifetime. And the concept of doing one without actually interacting with a person, without actually sitting in the thing. But one of the things to is that people are keeping their cars for a very long time these days.

Tom Smith : Absolutely. You know… Okay. On that note, I want to throw out one other personal thing, and podcast listeners know this. And the coolest thing is that I get, every two to three years, whatever my lease term is, I get to go out and shop and get the latest, greatest technology that the manufacturers, all manufacturers are putting out these days.

Tom Smith : And I mean, these things are technological marvels on wheels. Kevin Leap : Oh man. Tom Smith : So back to the show. Family friendliness goes hand in hand with automotive shows everywhere. They get to look at the engines and talk with a product specialist.

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But we have family…. Kevin Leap : And put that dang phone down. Kevin Leap : And then we have all sorts of stuff. You know, fun stuff. Tom Smith : What do you see in the future? Tom Smith : So, then what do you see for the future in that unique position?

2018 San Diego International Auto Show: The electrified highway and electrifying cars

For the future of auto shows? Kevin Leap : Yeah. And millennials are really taking their time to decide whether or not to buy one. Plus some things in the dealer franchise system are being challenged. And autonomous vehicles is a whole new thing. I mean we could throw a rock outside the front door and hit Qualcomm. As we were talking about autonomous vehicles before, I went to an all-day seminar or conference on autonomous vehicles, and they were talking about the number of accidents that were caused by them. And autonomous vehicles do the full-on stop.

The family-friendly event is at the convention center downtown until Sunday

So anyway. Tom Smith : One of the things that I fell in love with it or just marveled at, the first Popular Mechanics cover that I saw with a mockup of a flying car. Tom Smith : And it was a suburban, it was an aerial view of a suburban kind of house, and I think it was a red flying car had just come out of the garage, and the husband and wife or whatever were in the flying car and happily jetting away from their house. Any prediction… You mentioned five years will be interesting, but any prediction on flying cars?

Maybe it is a fairy tale.

Or use Google Translate

It seems like it might be a little bit more real. And when you see all of the different things that are happening with potential delivery service and surveillance and law enforcement using it to get to the scene of the crime more quickly and things like that.

Tom Smith : Yep. And I agree that the slab of ice, I liked that one. Tom Smith : Right? Well, and I was in, I sat through a presentation, it was actually at the Petersen Automotive Museum , and it was on reimagining mobility. There will be an exotic car section just in case you want to pick out the car of your dreams. Tickets can also be purchased online. San Diego, CA When I asked the guy taking the money. Your email address will not be published.