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Verb third-person singular simple present redeems, present participle redeeming, simple past and past participle redeemed To recover ownership of something by buying it back. To liberate by payment of a ransom. To set free by force. To save, rescue To clear , release from debt or blame To expiate , atone for To repair , restore To reform , change for the better To restore the reputation or honour of oneself or something.

Related terms redemption redemptioner redemptor Redemptorist redemptory. Origin Recorded since c. English Wiktionary. Home Dictionary Definitions redeem. Sentence Examples. Also Mentioned In. You can provide your own e. An arbitrary string that you can attach to a customer object. It is displayed alongside a customer in the dashboard. A customer phone number.

It is mandatory when you try send out codes to customer via SMS channel.

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A dictionary with a data customers property that contains an array of up to limit customers. Each entry in the array is a separate customer object. If no more customers are available, the resulting array will be empty. Recent Posts Welcome to voucherify Archive September 1. In general the API consists of 2 sets: application API - full capability, designed to be accessed from your server application client API - limited capability, designed to be accessed from your website or mobile application.

Developer-friendly API Voucherify attempts to provide a developer-friendly API, hence sometimes you can find a hint on how to fix an error right in its details like in the example above. The request exceeded your current pricing plan we send friendly reminders first. Parameter name. Property name.

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  6. A value for this property directs to the property name which points to the results array. This object represent gift parameters. Child attributes: amount integer , required - Initial amount associated with the voucher. A flag that allows to disable a voucher even though it's within its activity period. A list of redemptions that have been applied to the voucher. Child attributes: quantity integer , required - Default: null. An object stores links to images with QR codes in which Voucherify encrypts voucher code.

    As a query string params you can attach following attributes to URL: size integer - value from 1 to format string - png default or svg. Try It. You couldn't be authenticated. Path Params. Type of unit discount e. The category this voucher belongs to.

    What’s the Difference Between “Redeem Only at,” “Redeem at” and “Only at?”

    A field to keep any extra textual information. Voucher's activation date in ISO date format. Voucher's expiration date in ISO date format. Defines code's pattern prefix, suffix, length, charset, etc. Voucher Model You can find a full list of possible voucher properties in voucher object description.

    Overrides length. If you want to create a voucher with a given code e. It gives an option to recharge gift vouchers. Try the API to see results. Query Params. A limit on the number of objects to be returned. Limit can range between 1 and items. Which page of results to return. Limit vouchers to the ones that are within the specified category. Limit vouchers to the ones that belong to the specified campaign. Categories In structure representing your data you can define a category voucher belongs to.

    The ID of an existing customer that will be linked to redemption in this request. The ID of an existing order that will be linked to redemption in this request. Represents a total amount of order items sum of item. Body Params. A voucher code. Campaign's type. Voucherify offers two types: STATIC - can't be changed after it's created - system will not generate new vouchers to this campaign. A flag that allows to disable a campaign even though it's within its activity period.

    Date vouchers from the created campaign become active. Date vouchers become expired. Size of the campaign. Global uniqueness All campaign codes are unique across the whole project. A property describing a campaign's type. It is not mandatory. The header has to contain column Code.

    Common questions about coupons and redemption codes

    Type of the object represented by JSON. Contains common properties of promotion tiers within a campaign they belong to. Type of the campaign. Date promotions from the created campaign become active. Date promotions from the created campaign become expired. Name of a promotion tier. Text presented to the customer when applying a promotion tier. Result of applying a promotion tier. Name of the promotion. Text presented to the customer when applying the promotion. Specifies results of the promotion.

    Discount that can be applied when promotion is valid. This entity describes a reward. The type of the object represented by JSON. The value is reward. A name of the reward. An object that defines how the reward is generated. Name of the reward. This entity describes a reward assignment object.

    A unique campaign identifier. An object that defines what need to be fulfilled to get a reward. Number of points that will be added to loyalty card. Defines fields and filters for retrieved objects. No response examples available. Token used for authorization. It is a camping name from which Voucherify will try to take voucher and publish to customer. It's a number of voucher that need to be published from given campaign. It is a voucher code which Voucheriy will try to publish to customer. The ID of an existing customer that will be linked to publication in this request.

    A voucher is suitable for publication when it's active and hasn't been published yet. Clearly define the source of the voucher You must clearly define which source you want to publish voucher code from. Publish multiple vouchers In case you want to publish multiple vouchers within single publication you need to specify campaign name and number of vouchers you want to publish.

    Auto-update campaign In case you want to ensure the number of publishable codes increases automatically with the number of customers, you should use auto-update campaign. The limit can range between 1 and items. Which page of result to return. Filters by a given campaign. Filters by a customer. Filters by a given voucher code. Filters by a publication result. Filters by a voucher type. Allows for combining the filters mentioned above, see below for the reference. Voucher validation might fail because of one of these reasons: voucher not found - voucher doesn't exist or was deleted voucher expired - voucher is out of [start date - expiration date] time frame voucher is disabled - learn more disable voucher customer does not match segment rules - learn more customer tracking order does not match validation rules - learn more about validation rules.

    A positive integer representing the total amount for the order. See examples below. Example Code - Voucherify. You have to do it only once. If the identity parameter is not passed, then we will generate it for you.

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    JSFiddle example. Child attributes: amount integer - A positive integer representing total order value. A unique reward identifier. Reward must be assigned to the campaign. You can invoke the redemption endpoint with one of the official libraries:.

    Redemption rollback Do you need to undo a redemption? Testing Testing7fjWdr - use this code for testing purposes above. Opt-in By default this feature is disabled. Security Threat Be careful if you want to include the voucher redemption functionality directly at your client side website or mobile app. The maximum value is A filter by the campaign redemptions originate from. Return redemptions performed by the customer with given id. Reason for the rollback. The ID of an existing customer that will be linked to redemption rollback in this request. The date loyalty cards created in the campaign become active.

    The date loyalty cards become expired. Global uniqueness All codes are unique across the whole project. Returns a campaign object with its settings but without the loyalty card codes. Cancel Reply Post Your Reply. Please help! Let us show you how to Shop Smarter. Our Picks. Share 1 share Published 12 hours ago. Store: Sam's Club Online Deals. Share 30 shares Comments 1 Published 12 hours ago. Share 11 shares Published 12 hours ago.

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